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June Terpstra: Revolutionary Women Today – The Wind Beneath My Wings

Posted by: June Terpstra Posted date: März 08, 2014 In: News

On International Women’s Day, 2014 this article is dedicated to women who are fighting imperialism. This is a call for more brave women who will stand with men to resist and defend the people against tyrannical governments posing as democracies such as the USA, UK and Israel. This is a call to us all, women and men, to end the oppression of globalized debt based economics, AKA capitalism, that funds all wars, profiting from state terror while fomenting all states of terror in the ugly show of cultural imperialism. There are courageous women around the world that are educating, inspiring, agitating and organizing against greed, wars, invasions, occupations, environmental devastation, supremacy and patriarchy in the New World Order. As such, they should be honored and if you do not know them I am honored to introduce some of them to you.    

The women I write about today represent the revolutionary women’s demand for a radical reordering of society towards real liberation and self-determination for all people.  They have been on the front lines in the agenda to save the people and the planet. They are brilliant and brave women from around the world, young and old fighting against oppression.  Research their names and you will see, hear and feel their passion:  Sally Auger, Harsha Walia, Amal Saad, Cynthia McKinney, Zaynab Mahamud, Diana Berek, Chris Geovanis, Heather Cottin, Suzella Palmer, Felicity Arbuthnot, Deborah Cayedito, Tracy Marshall, Esther Stanford-Xosei, Ajanta Sinha Ghosh, Mairi Ann Lowry, Lizzie Phelan, Brenda Pearson, Yasmin Nair, Cyrstal Vance Guerra, Francesca Contreras, Stephanie Noelle Davern, Hannah Arbizanni, Gayle Austin, Rania Masri, Sarah Gallespie, Farah Minh, Sarah Abdallah, BK Kumbi, Cheri Honkala, Gabi Weber, Brooke Heagerty, Cindy Sheehan, Angela Jansen, Lah Tere, Suheir Hammad and Sandra Reid.   These women manifest revolution in protest, art, writing, teaching, brigades, seminars, birthing, video, rescue, radio, music, politics, community and care daily.  Some you will find immediately and others you must search for but all are making a difference by the way they live.  

I begin with some you may have heard of such as Cynthia McKinney, Cindy Sheehan, Cheri Honkala and Harsha Walia.   While ideologically diverse, these women leaders have put themselves in the frontlines politically in countless ways to end oppression in war, homelessness, poverty, and for indigenous people across the globe. They represent the push for dramatic historic shifts against capitalism and imperialism, colonialism and globalism. They are a former congress woman, a mother decrying wars who abhorred sending her son to battle, a woman once homeless running for president, and an Indigenous wisdom woman leading her people with the spirit of her ancestors guiding her way. 

Next, there are women in media and cultural works not featured in prime time lame stream media.  These are the revolutionary experts to call. They refuse to be used as assets on the subject of women’s oppression to stir up consent for war against the people.  Amal Saad, Chris Geovanis, Suzella Palmer, Felicity Arbuthnot, Esther Stanford-Xosei, Lizzie Phelan, Yasmin Nair, and Brooke Heagerty are women’s whose writing educates and produces knoweldge. Read what they say as these are women to whom we must listen. 

Brilliant Amal Saad:

 As an a Arab woman and a Marxist “Critical Feminist”, I have to ask bourgeois liberal feminists the following:  Who says this is YOUR debate in the first place? And by you, I mean you American and European “experts”. Women asides, what gives your universities, think tanks and media the right to be debating and determining the destiny of our region? Why do we never question the colonial mentality that underlies your Middle East departments and bureaus, your “centers for democracy” and “peace” for the Middle East initiatives? Who the hell are you to be studying us and issuing us Euro-American directives on “good governance” and “conflict resolution”? …What gives privileged white women the right to be pursuing their supposed “emancipation” on the backs of our oppressed people? And why are the needs of this “debate” greater than the need of Syria and its people?

 Courageous Chris Geovanis: 

The state’s scheme to effectively ban the public from a public — and publicly funded — trial is part of a long-standing official pattern to harass, arrest and undermine those who dissent in Chicago. For years, activists in Chicago had to fight in court for permission to rally and march against the Iraq war, and protesters have routinely been subject to arrest simply for attempting to exercise their First Amendment rights. More broadly, the restrictions that local government overlords have imposed on public access and public oversight in the NATO trial are part of a national effort to rebrand dissent as inherently dangerous. 

Compassionate Suzella Palmer: 

Therefore when trying to understand what gangs are, why they exist, why young people get involved in gangs, and just as importantly, how to prevent and respond to (victims and perpetrators of) gang crime and violence, we should not forget to factor in the: ‘the inherent dissonance between capitalism’s heady and seductive cultural aspirations and its structured socio- economic reality of unequal opportunities, which engendered an anomic and therefore criminogenic cultural climate.’ (Hall and Mclean, 2009)

Fearless Felicity Arbuthnot:

…the US and UK are seemingly remarkably selective when it comes to tyrants who “kill their own people”, and not only have failed to censure their tyrannical Iraqi puppet, Nuri al-Maliki, but are arming him to the teeth with the same weapons which are linked to the horrific birth defects, and cancers throughout Iraq, which he is now using on “his own people.” Moreover, if allegations from very well informed sources that he holds an Iranian passport are correct, to say that US-UK’s despot of choice appears in a whole new political light would be to massively understate.

Powerhouse Esther Stanford-Xosei:

Reparations means to repair the harm, restore, transform a people or a group who have been disposed and lost status and standing in the world community as a result of historical and contemporary injustice. To put a figure on it is banal. Some have put the cost at trillions but we are still accounting for the damage done and losses suffered but how do you account for the loss of land, destruction of our environment loss of citizenship, heritage, wealth and self worth?


Front-line Lizzie Phalen:

And in the months after I said goodbye to Mohammad just before I went through immigration in Damascus airport, for what I never expected to be the last time I would see him, the threat of Mohamad's and potentially the world's worst nightmare has only become graver. While he continued to hold on to his conviction that Syria would defeat imperialism’s conspiracy to destroy it, every time we spoke, up until our last conversation about a week ago, the ever increasing horrors wreaked by that conspiracy haunted him.  His living torment is now over, but his conviction lives on through the friendships and love he nurtured in so many people. And as my headache that started on Saturday morning morphs into the agonising acceptance that he is gone, I am deeply thankful to Mohamad that through our short friendship I have learnt and will continue to learn life long lessons from his limitless capacity to not just value love for humanity above all else, but to practise that love.

Daring Yasmin Nair

I came out as queer among gays and lesbians who made it clear that sluts like me were to shut up so that the straight world might believe that we deserved our “rights.” Gays and lesbians, who surely had the most reasons to be suspicious of the prison industrial complex, were now clamouring for hate crimes laws that would increase penalties and put more people in jail. It may seem like a huge burden to place on the black and white inked shoulders of a woman who only existed on paper, but in that moment it seemed like I had recovered my balance in the world

Heroic Brooke Heagerty:

It is clear that before “capitalism” enslavement could be the fate of any person, no matter his or her color. Whites enslaved whites by the millions. Divisions in society were not related to color. Who ruled society and who was considered a part of society had nothing to do with race. Such status was instead defined by wealth or by force. With Nelson Peery in “Moving Onward: From Racial Division to Class Division.”

Last but not at all least, I name artists, activists, organizers, editors, teachers, musicians, engaging the world daily whose work inspires me:

Sally Auger of the Inidgenous Dream a Wild Seed project, teacher and Somali women’s rights activist Zaynab Mahamud, artist activist Diana Berek, activist educator historian Heather Cottin, Navajo commissioner and health advocate Deborah Cayedito, organizer for the League of Revolutionaries for a New America, Sandra Reid, India organizer and activist Ajanta Sinha Ghosh, Irish activist Mairi Ann Lowry, artist activist Brenda Pearson, midwife Stephanie Noelle Davern, animal rights activist Hannah Arbizanni, radio activist Gayle Austin, organizer and activist for Arab human rights Rania Masri, singers Sarah Gallespie and Lah Tere, activist poet, actress and film director Suheir Hammad, social media activists Tracy Marshall, Farah Minh, Sarah Abdallah, educators BK Kumbi and Gabi Weber, and fellow protest activists and organizers Cyrstal Vance Guerra, Francesca Contreras and Angela Jansen.  

These are some of the women around the world whom I know are standing with the oppressed creating strategies and tactics to deal with the dangerous realities of imperialism. They are dedicated to ending the terrorism of US/UK/Israeli military aggression as it manifests across the globe. I am honored to know these women and celebrate their lives today.











Holocaust Holidays In The USA

Holocaust Holidays in the USA

June Terpstra, Ph.D.

November 26, 2008

Did you ever notice how most major USA holidays celebrate genocides and holocausts? The first official Thanksgiving Day celebrated the massacre of native American men, women and children during one of their religious ceremonies.

"Gathered in this place of meeting, they were attacked by mercenaries and English and Dutch. The Indians were ordered from the building and as they came forth were shot down, The rest were burned alive in the building-----The very next day the governor declared a Thanksgiving Day.....For the next 100 years, every Thanksgiving Day ordained by a Governor was in honor of the bloody victory, thanking God that the battle had been won." (Professor Newell)

Then there is Columbus Day. He was a terrorist according to today’s definition. Las Casas, a priest traveling with Columbus tells how the Spaniards in the Caribbean "grew more conceited every day" … They "rode the backs of Indians if they were in a hurry" or were carried on hammocks by Indians running in relays. "In this case they also had Indians carry large leaves to shade them from the sun and others to fan them with goose wings." Total control led to total cruelty. The Spaniards "thought nothing of knifing Indians by tens and twenties and of cutting slices off them to test the sharpness of their blades." Las Casas tells how "two of these so-called Christians met two Indian boys one day, each carrying a parrot; they took the parrots and for fun beheaded the boys." (Howard Zinn, Peoples History of the USA )

There is the Fourth of July. Those revolutionaries would be tortured at Guantanamo or water-boarded in a CIA prison in Poland or Romania today. The American revolutionaries of the 1700’s sponsored a new nation with a constitution built on "Indian removal" and genocide of an estimated 11 million natives and slavery of Africans. The figures from the 18th Century Slave Trade show approximately 5,000,000 people transported and 8,100,000 people died.

Then there is Memorial Day celebrating the deaths of all the men that bought the military industrial complex’s war propaganda. The United States has sent troops abroad or militarily struck other countries' territory at least 216 times since independence from Britain . Since 1945 the United States has intervened in more than 20 countries throughout the world. Since World War II, the United States actually dropped bombs on 23 countries. These include: China 1945-46, Korea 1950-53, China 1950-53, Guatemala 1954,Indonesia 1958, Cuba 1959-60, Guatemala 1960, Congo1964, Peru 1965, Laos 1964-73, Vietnam 1961-73,Cambodia 1969-70, Guatemala 1967-69, Grenada 1983,Lebanon 1984, Libya 1986, El Salvador 1980s, Nicaragua1980s, Panama 1989, Iraq 1991-1999, Sudan 1998,Afghanistan 1998, and Yugoslavia 1999. Post World War II, the United States has also assisted in over 20 different coups throughout the world, and the CIA was responsible for half a dozen assassinations of political heads of state.

My personal favorite holiday is Labor Day. Here are some highlights from Illinois , my state of residence demonstrating how much the USA government values its laborers:

14 July 1877
A general strike halted the movement of U.S. railroads. In the following days, strike riots spread across the United States . The next week, federal troops were called out to force an end to the nationwide strike. At the " Battle of the Viaduct" in Chicago , federal troops (recently returned from an Indian massacre) killed 30 workers and wounded over 100.

Haymarket on 11 November 1887, four anarchists were executed. All of the executed advocated armed struggle and violence as revolutionary methods, but their prosecutors found no evidence that any had actually thrown the Haymarket bomb. They died for their words, not their deeds. A quarter of a million people lined Chicago 's street during Parson's funeral procession to express their outrage at this gross mis-carriage of justice.

5 July 1893
During a strike against the Pullman Palace Car Company, which had drastically reduced wages, the 1892 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago 's Jackson Park was set ablaze, and seven buildings were reduced to ashes. The mobs raged on, burning and looting railroad cars and fighting police in the streets, until 10 July, when 14,000 federal and state troops finally succeeded in putting down the strike.

3 February 1930
"Chicagorillas" -- labor racketeers -- shot and killed contractor William Healy, with whom the Chicago Marble Setters Union had been having difficulties.

30 May 1937
Police killed 10 and wounded 30 during the "Memorial Day Massacre" at the Republic Steel plant in Chicago.

For over five hundred years whether it’s Europeans calling themselves Catholics or Puritans; Europeans calling themselves Zionists; or the democratic crusaders of the USA it’s never a good thing for indigenous populations to have invaders "settle" on the stolen land to which they say they have a divine right. . The Puritans embraced a line from Psalms 2:8, "Ask of me, and I shall give thee, the heather for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession." Their mantra of "God told me it’s mine" means the shit is hitting the fan for the people of the land.

I attempted to explain this history recently to my grandchildren while discussing natives and pilgrims. The four year old who has not had the benefit of public school programming said those Europeans should never again steal the land from the natives! Her five year old brother, who is being programmed in the public school system told me the pilgrims were the good guys and that I would understand when I go to school someday.

I understand alright. In June 1637 John Underhill slaughtered a Pequot village in a similar manner to that described above.

The Pequot had a festival to welcome in the new harvest. At that point, the pilgrims came over and ambushed and slaughtered them. The next day the pilgrims went to church and gave thanks to God for the food and success. That's how Thanksgiving started. Sundust Teocuauhtli Martinez

The descendents of these Europeans have a similar scam going in Iraq , Palestine , Afghanistan , Somalia , and coming soon to a war near you in Syria , Iran and the Sudan . The war hawks are down right rabid when it comes to taking over the Middle East . They also have their sites on Africa and then their plan is to go back to South America to finish the regime changed begun on that "other" September 11, in 1973 when the USA held their CIA sponsored coup against Allende in Chile. The coup in Chile is exactly what President Nixon wanted, he is quoted as saying, "It's that son of a bitch Allende. We're going to smash him."

This latest terror wars scam mirrors the game run by popes and kings of the past. Papal bulls declaring all heathen lands to belong to the Catholics and royal decrees advocating the slaughter and enslavement of natives are today called executive orders and international resolutions. As soon as Bush declared "mission accomplished" in Iraq there was an executive order to "claim" the oil. As for the Zionists, their god tells them that they get to have Gaza, Jerusalem, South Lebanon, and it does not matter if it violates any man made law because their god trumps man made laws and their holocaust gets better film distribution.

The hate campaigns of past and present are slick and the propaganda program in the military and the media are one and the same: Hate the native, kill the native, and steal the land. The government media wing employs henchmen, like Edward Bernays of the past and torture loving lawyer Alan Dershowitz who manufactures the hate campaigns of today. They engineer pseudo academic programs and obsessive propaganda films intended to scare white Americans who will in turn support nuking commies or Muslims or both to kingdom come. Today’s propagnada of Trotskyites turned neo-conservatives are as factual as the Thanksgiving and Columbus myths.

President elect Obama says he’s all about change. Guess what story he’ll be telling on this National Day of Mourning for the indigenous people of the world that the US government calls Thanksgiving Day? I bet it won’t be the story about the massacre of natives after they shared some food with the hungry Europeans. It will be the continuing saga of giving thanks for governments sponsored Iraqi and Palestinian holocausts while bailing out bankers for the new world order.

Dr. June C. Terpstra is a graduate of Loyola University Chicago and teaches Justice Studies at Northeastern Illinois University.  She is the LEARN website founder.  

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 Sunday, September 19, 2010
Laudable Features of the Cuban Revolution

Engaged methodologies in academic praxis: Revolution, resistance and reform
by Terpstra, June Scorza, Ph.D., LOYOLA UNIVERSITY CHICAGO, 2004, 239 pages; 3165933


This ethnographic work examines praxis (theory that inspires action and action that informs theory), in research and pedagogy, (practices that imparts knowledge), in two case studies of academic women's programming in the USA. I examine four women's programs in two universities using archival evaluation data, case studies, interviews, auto-ethnographic reflection and critical analysis. In traditional research parlance this study uses a multiple-methods approach to examine praxis methodologies which were intended to engage educators and researchers in practices aimed at social and economic justice. In plain terms this is a study about what people say they do in education systems for social and economic justice, equity, and liberation, comparing words with actions.

Early academic women's programs were often implemented under the banners of liberation from oppression, systemic reform, radical transformation, counter-hegemony and cultural revolution. Engaged methods advancing aims to end oppression and exploitation were employed in the discourse, signs, symbols and representations of academic women's programs. An engaged praxis as defined in this study, be it called liberatory, emancipatory, transformative, critical, revolutionary, or radical is determined in relation to its capacity to alleviate the suffering of the oppressed within the context of self-determination. As an advocate for engaged resistance methodologies I offer an account and an analysis about what working from and for such positions mean, in particular about what ends these positions advance and what interests these positions serve.

From the auto-ethnographer's perspective this study represents an additional telling of the cultural story about how radical and resistance methodologies moved in directions in which the aims and actions toward fundamental structural change became neutralized. I demonstrate how hegemony won the consent of “subordinate” and “alternative” faculty, staff and students by creating cultural forms, meanings and representations acceptable within hegemony. The praxis I reclaim in this study pursues liberation by knowing, on the one hand, what degree of commitment one has to social justice, and, on the other, what side of the struggle one is committed to. My intent is to urge those of us who claim a commitment to social justice to reexamine and reengage academic work that is genuinely liberatory for the oppressed and exploited people of the world.

Emancipatory Research in Domestic and Foreign Affairs
June Terpstra

A hypothesis is a proposed explanation for something that can actually be tested. Here in my FB circle of friends (many who are journalists, academics, activists, writers, artists and students) we have explanations for world events that we identify as manufactured revolutions, hegemonic sponsored uprisings, and foundation supported activism that benefits the hegemon because they fit pattern and narratives of the Hegemon with which we are familiar. 

The word, hegemon, is used to identify the class, state or group with the most power that is responsible for the dissemination of dominant power group’s ideas, systems and practices that most benefit those in power and those who rule for them. The documented history and patterns of the Hegemon's secret services covert and overt operations around the world are well known in this circle but to those who are new to this information and have not studied these manipulations and machinations of what some call the "deep state" the narratives fall into the category of "conspiracy theory", a term purposely introduced to trivialize and discount those who study these operations. 

A scientific theory is an explanation of some aspect of the world that has been substantiated through repeated experiments or testing. Certainly, a review of CIA history and US foreign and domestic affairs demonstrates the repeated and successful experiments manipulating the public away from fundamental economic and social change while manufacturing public consent for the security state, war and plunder. Simply denying the history of how hegemony is maintained through covert and overt operations based on reactionary liberal or conservative agenda-driven critiques is not skepticism--it is denial of the manner in which ruling classes have maintained wealth and power through-out history. True skeptics are open to scientific and historical evidence and are willing to evenly assess it.

There are times when the tendency to make a binary distinction between something that is true, as in the case of documented CIA and US sponsored interventions around the globe in an absolute sense and something that's false or a lie, as in the case of the "official story" of the 9/11 attacks. There is a tendency by some of us to easily make claims without the evidence to back the claims because we have seen the pattern and know the scripts used repeatedly through history. The pattern of these narratives and events demonstrates to us the continuum of evidence on which we build our understanding of the planned events being staged to maintain power in the hands of those who already have it and want more. However, we still must do our work in every case to substantiate our hypotheses with evidence. I see this happening currently regarding the recent coup in Turkey, the war against Syria, and the search to verify who is sponsoring groups such as the White Helmets and ISIS. Beginning with the question of "who benefits" from these groups and their actions and following the money is always the starting place but the first source documentation is still needed once we verify the connections. The mental shortcuts to make sense of the cacophony of information we are presented with every day should not allow us to get sloppy. Conversely, we must acknowledge the historical patterns, narratives, psychological operations and scripts used to manipulate and coerce the public past and present as valid supports in the process of gathering evidence against the Hegemon. 

The struggle does continue.

Untitled from juliet bond on Vimeo.


The Death of A True Brother: In Memory of SimonPietro Marchese 

6-14-64 to 5-6-04

For Violetta Scorza

By June Terpstra



 The apostle SimonPeter was known to have healed a man over 40 years of age who had been crippled from birth with but the words, "Silver and Gold I do not have, but what I have I give to you."

As I write this article the funeral of my dear cousin, SimonPietro Marchese, son of Violetta Scorza Marchese is occurring in Milano, Italy, where he served as pastor for Waldensian churches.  I first met SimonPietro in the summer of 2001 on a research journey I took to Italy.  I was seeking my Italian roots in as many ways possible: by visiting the land where my mother was born, by participating in a research project in Rome about so called Italian school "reform" efforts, by participating in the counter-summit and protests in Genoa with over 200,000 people who were taking a stand against the policies of injustice and greed of the G-8, and most important of all, by meeting my family in Italy (the descendents of Dominico and Josepina Scorza).

It was through Dario Scorza that I learned that I had family in Rome.  A Waldensian seminary student from the same seminary my grandfather had attended, named Christina, phoned me in my first week in Rome and invited me to a dinner at SimonPietro Marchese's pastoral home with his mother, Violetta Scorza Marchese, and partner Miriam Englese.  Christine, a dear friend was agreeing to accompany us through out the evening as interpreter because my Italian was elementary and the family in Rome does not speak English. I was very excited to be in Rome meeting family.  It was a dream come true.

SimonPietro, Miriam and Christina picked me up outside of the University where I was housed for the Rome research project.  We were all in a pitched state of energy and enthusiasm to meet each other.  Immediately, SimonPietro asked me what I was doing in Rome and I explained my quests for family history and social justice.  Everyone in the car got very excited when we realized we all attending the protests the following week in Genoa because it meant we had some strongly shared values about oppression and exploitation of the world's people and the planet.  From that point on we discussed family and politics throughout the evening. 

I fell in love with my family that first night in Rome.  I was provided the first of many Scorza gourmet home cooked meals.  This one was a four course meal cooked by Violetta.  That night we shared family photos and stories, took a trip to a debate between Waldentians and academics in the Castle D'angelo park, and of course, engaged in our own vibrant theological and political discussions that are so passionately required in Italy in the same way they are dispassionately disavowed in theUSA. I noticed immediately that SimonPietro, as busy pastor to 2 churches in Rome, was on his cellular phone a lot during the course of the evening with calls from parishoners in need. My first impressions of him were that he was a thoughtful, well educated, life-loving man who was much respected and needed in his Christian based community.  After that evening, SimonPietro and Miriam and I agreed to meet up at the protests in Genoa the following week.

During that evening with family in Rome I had laid out my itinerary for my summer in Italy.  Unbeknownst to me, SimonPietro joined Dario and Dominico and  began working behind the scenes to ensure that I would meet with and stay with family everywhere I went throughout Italy.  He became my true, loving and protective brother. 

Dominico Scorza met me at the train station in Genoa.  Later in the day he showed me the bus system and walked me to the organizational and media headquarters for the Anti-G-8 summit. I was welcomed lovingly during my week in Genoa by cousins Dominico and Margie Scorza who housed, fed me wonderful meals cooked by chef Dominico, and discussed family, politics and religion with me while I attended the organizational meetings, protests and worked with the Italian Independent Media in Genoa.  I believe this was also the last time Dominico, Margie and Waldo saw SimonPietro when he came to visit them at their home during the protests. 

SimonPietro and Miriam and I met up for a meal before the Friday night protests which were for increased justice and human rights for migrants across the world. Slowly, my knowledge of Italian was increasing enough that we could debate the issues of pacifism and direct action as methods for social justice and social change.  We were on the same side of the battles for justice, only we disagreed on tactics.  But arguing with SimonPietro was all good as they say in the USA or Va bene in Italian!

As most Italians know and most Americans do not know because the corporate news in the USA censors news about world protests both here and abroad, the protests in Genoa were very violent for many reasons which I will not review here.  It was a war zone and for a time, I was stuck in the Diaz School with other journalists and had no information about SimonPietro and Miriam's safety until later when I was able to reach Dominico and Margie for news.  However, by the time I took the train out of Genoa, there was SimonPietro, waiting to escort me back for a stay at his house.  The next day he accompanied me to pick up my rental car to make sure I did not get overcharged or lost. On the train ride to pick up the rental car he informed me that he just happened to have business to attend to in San Pietro, Calabria and would like to drive me there in my rental car and then take the train back to Rome. 

Please understand that this very busy pastor of two churches dropped everything for several days to accompany me from Rome to Calabria and show me the country of my great grand parents and cousins.  I was so overwhelmed with love for his generosity, not to mention that we were kindred spirits with a love for politics, the oppressed peoples of the world, good food and fun which would mean a very wonderful trip indeed!  We took 2 dictionaries and favorite music tapes on that trip and sang, talked and laughed all the way from Rome to Calabria.  Sharing music in the car, I came to love the Italian folk singer, Fabrizio D’Andre and I was able to give a gift of music to SimonPietro of the musical group from Naples, Spaconapoli.  We both knew the words to Va Pensiero and sang that together! 

While in San Pietro, SimonPietro drove me up and down the mountain so that I would know how to get around and how to get to the train station later in the week when I would meet Dario Scorza and follow him to their summer home for a visit.  SimonPietro thought of everything and so did his mother, Violetta.  In a matter of 2 hours, she made me a summer dress and him a pair of pants to wear for visiting famiy in San Pietro!  Brava!  He took me to relative’s homes to visit with many but one great matriarch whom I came to love immediately I was able tro visit two times in my stay there.  He showed me the family cemetery and gave me more of my ancestral history for which I am eternally grateful.  He was the embodiment of good sharing, walking, talking, driving, singing, eating, love for life and I am a better person to have known him.

Later, I returned to Rome (this time driving alone) from a blessed stay with Violetta in San Pietro, and Dario and family on the Sea in Calabria, where I was scheduled to stay with SimonPietro and Miriam for the end of my journey that summer in Italy.  Needless to say, I got lost trying to find the apartment house where they live with other Waldentians. Never the less, when I called SimonPietro, told him where I was (near the Coliseum), he met me and led me back to his house.  It was during this part of my stay in Rome that I got to see SimonPietro in action as a pastor.  By this time my Italian had improved quite a bit so I could actually understand most of his Sunday sermon which was one of love and liberation.  What a gift to sit in that church and sing hymns in Italian with Miriam and see SimonPietro in his own unique version of the pastoring role that he inherited from so many Scorza ancestors.  He reminded me of my grandpa Joseph Scorza.  The epitome of goodness and mercy, love and service on his own terms. 

That August Sunday in Rome was a very hot day and like so many Italians, SimonPietro and Miriam had no fans or air conditioners, so I talked SimonPietro into commandeering a fan from the church.  He did this with hesitation, maybe he thought I was being a baby about the heat, but later that day with that big fan blowing over the kitchen, he remarked laughingly, that borrowing the fan had been a great idea!  For the rest of that hot week, SimonPietro and Miriam and I began to talk on another more personal and in-depth level about our lives.  I came to know and love them both even more.  I adored SimonPietro and called him brother, fratello. They also showed me more of Rome and we had such fun sightseeing together.  It was not until our last night together that SimonPietro finally, after much protest, allowed me to pay for a meal.  Throughout my whole trip the generosity of the Scorza relatives was overwhelmingly gracious and a great gift to me, as someone on a very strict budget at the time.  Any Italian Scorza wishing to visit the USA while I live here is welcome in my home and to my soild Italo-Americano cooking.

My last morning in Rome I sat at SimonPietro's kitchen table and wept to be leaving Italy and him, with whom I felt so deeply connected.  At the time, we made plans for my return the next summer to complete the writing of my dissertation in Italy.  I never for a moment believed that I would never see him again.  For many good reasons I have been unable to return to Italy as expected.  I deeply regret that I was not able to return the summer of 2002 to spend more time with my brother cousin, SimonPietro Marchese.  We had many talks about liberation theology which we both hold dear and to which he attributed as the main foundational base for which he could be a Christian and a pastor. 

My own faith has deepened knowing him and with our talks over the past two years both in person and on the internet.  His example of goodness and his fight for justice will always be a light to guide me in my life.  The world was a better place for me knowing that SimonPietro was in it. He will always be loved.



A restatement on my assessment of direct action and black bloc tactics and strategies at protests. 


Whether situationist or pre-theoretical shit kicking authentic activists, (as opposed to police/CIA/MI-6 assets and provocateurs) using direct action and black block tactics are fomenting a rebellion against that which capitalists hold sacred, that is, property and products which the police attempt to protect at protests and manifestations. Direct actions against the "Stuff" of capitalism can be argued as either a tactic or strategy but it's still real human beings rising up in ways to de-construct and destroy the capitalist attachment to their cultural products. From my experience in Genoa in 2001 these rebellions represent a blow to the fascists of any stripe, left or right. 


Manifestations and protests today, while sometimes representing groups of diverse peoples for a complex range of issues does not represent "a movement or The Movement" in any country.  In fact, protests are ultimately only one facet for the revolutionary struggle against the oppressors who control through violence and force. The learning curve of the oppressor is very high when it comes to violence and counter-intelligence games. Sadly, often higher than those of us working for anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist change. The activists using Black Block tactics or masking are no more infiltrated than any other group. Agents and under-cover mother fuckers historically have created terrorist groups, false greenie groups, sponsored and trained so called feminist groups like pussy riot, run peacenik training programs, played key roles on social forum organizing comittees, created "leaders" for protests, and dress up like black bloc or Guy Fawkes and smash up shit inorder to criminalize more of the people and lock all resistance down with incarceration and more repressive legislation to stop revolution, resistance or even reform. 


Some say that protests are no longer effective, and that is a valid concern, especially given how many protests are now sponsored by Koch brothers, CIA and Soros, the T-baggers and Gusanos. I understand this and yet what we do know from experiences around the world is that small groups and affinity groups inter-connected in multiple ways for common goals against oppression have more elements of egalitarianism and social justice energy to make dissent visible.   In other words, if actions, policies, procedures, struggles, even war benefits the destruction of empire and capitalism, if it benefits the poor and the people---we need to support it mindfully, without cultural imperialism clouding cognitive functions.  This support which includes critique can be provided in countless ways with continued support for honoring multiplicity in nations, movements and groups for real revolutionary love, in solidarity against oppression, and for self-determination and liberation.   June Terpstra, 4/14 
Independent Media Center 

Update Genoa: Days End for an Activist in Genova Friday 20 Jul 2001 
author: June Terpstra 

Friday, July 20: Chicago IMC Global Desk: 4th in a series of eyewitness reports from the streets of Genoa by Chicago activist June Terpstra. Days End for an Activist in Genova 

For some here in Genova tonight means an encampment in a stadium surrounded 
by the armed fascists. For others, it means sleeping in tear-gassed 
clothing and tents. Others are meeting together to plan tomorrow's 
strategies. There are some of us in hospitals tonight and some of us in jail. 

After making my way around the battle in the streets here in Genova to the 
School where we are encamped, I have been contacting family and allies in 
America so they know what I have seen and what others here are fighting 
against. It's been a long hard day of courage against the realities of the 
Genova war zone. We have stayed in touch all day in the IMC headquarters to 
keep watch for all those in the streets. 

There are those here who are working around the clock to get the news out 
to all of you in the rest of the world about this critical fight against 
the imperialist scum and their armies while also working to get help, 
legal, medical and food and water to our brave comrades in the streets. 

It did not take long for the pigs to move in and attack people. Many here 
believe that the black block, who are primarily blamed for the "non 
imperialist" violence are infiltrators. What I saw was that the Black block 
were incredibly well organized and seemed not to get attacked by the heat 
in the manner in the fascists went after the Tutte Bianche and the civil 
disobedience groups. 

I honestly do not know if the Black Block are Secret service infiltrators, 
but the ones I saw, and I followed about 200 hundred of them, sure did have 
a lot of cell phones and were very organized. Is it difficult for the 
movement as a whole to acknowledge an organized revolutionary group of 
well-trained young people? Or, do they get their training from the same 
evil ones as the young men in armored vans and who camped here by the 
thousands to fuck with those who demand freedom from oppression from the 
transnational elite? 

These are just a few of the questions I ask myself tonight here in this 
school space that houses those of us, media, medical and organizers, who 
made it to "safety" (perhaps the safety of being sitting ducks) in Genova 

You will see the horrors faced today, beatings, at least one confirmed 
killing and many many arrested. As I write this report there are 
helicopters flying over us and I am reticent to go to sleep on the bed I 
have made for myself on the floor. 

I will dream tonight of the ancestors who will fuel us with the strength, 
skill and courage that all of us who are together now tonight in Genova 
need and of the path that in the not to distant future will hold millions 
of us as we walk together for freedom from this military fascism for 
capitalism that has its hold over the world today. 

In Solidarity and for the liberation of the Oppressed, 
Liberation Central 

June Scorza Terpstra 


Christmas as Cultural Genocide

By Dr. June Terpstra 



The Baghdad Christmas celebration includes a large poster of Jesus.

This morning's headlines in the U.S.A. are touting the official public celebration (meaning paid for by the USA/CIA) of Christmas in Baghdad. This marks yet another nail in the coffin of Iraqi culture and this is exactly how cultural genocide works.  Flying a garish hot air balloon in
the Baghdad sky with a picture of the white man's Jesus on his bogus birthday; manufacturing the depression and suicide that comes with the unnecessary consumption of crap which families cannot afford; and paying Santas to prance in the streets of Baghdad tempting children with desires which only benefit the invader is not merely offensive to Iraqis and
Muslims everywhere but part of the ongoing cultural genocide campaign that comes with imperialism and colonialism.  

The proof, as American and African histories demonstrate, is in the proverbial Christmas pudding.  With every crusade come the priest, preacher, and missionary whose church pimps
him and her out with bibles paid for by the corporation for which it stands. With an assumption of racial, ethnic, religious and intellectual superiority and entitlement comes the imperialist assets-- the preacher, teacher, social worker, and culture manager.   They insist everyone speaks English; they change the children’s names from Mohammed to Joe and Fatima to Mary; they sneer at and disrespect all aspects of ancient and sacred traditions; they spit on the Quran while giving you their Bible.


Today's imperialist scribes are already revising the Iraqi history books with lies about the superiority of the occupier and the inferiority of the occupied.  The children are taught to be humiliated and debilitated with hate for themselves and their people.  They are programmed to turn against each other in the "divide and conquer' strategy that works time and again for the invader. Nothing is easier to control than a group of sheep convinced that they are each and every one of them, a wolf for the other. In other words, Sunnis fearing Shiites, Muslims fearing Christians, women fearing men, the poor fearing the rich, the “legal” fearing the “illegal” and on and on it goes. The triumphs of cultural genocide will be evident when the people exist obsessed with individualism, property and consumption as the way to respond to their grief, despair and fear. 


 American Christian and Zionist expansionism solidifies the global social reality of the critical conceptual division being between "Judeo-Christian Euro-American" and "Muslim Arab".  Those now termed “American” have a civil, moral juridical standing that lifts them above the Arab.  The American of any race, sex, or age is the expropriator; the Arab/Muslims are expropriated.  The American is the colonizer; the Arab and the Muslim are the colonized.  The Judeo-Christian and the Jew from anywhere are now the settlers; the Arab/Muslims are the displaced.  Hence, the construction of formal ontological patterning in the population of the globe, signified by ethnicity and creed.


Begun by the European imperialist and perfected by the American imperialist lurks a pervasive social construction, a set of positions in the global structure being put in place. This cultural imperialism is so structured as to have negative ramifications for every sphere of Arab Muslim life---juridical standing, moral status, personal racial and ethnic identity, epistemic reliability, existential plight, political inclusion, social metaphysics, sexual relations, and aesthetic worth.  For those assigned the category of Arab and Muslim the socialization one receives, the life world in which one moves, the experiences one has, and the view one develops is based on an anthropology and an ethic of the master “race” which is Judeo-Christian.  Imperialist racist supremacy, even with the accession of a biracial president, is still an integral aspect of U.S. culture. 

This is evidenced in the blatantly racist acts and political policies of the U.S. domestically and internationally. While so called democratic ideas about the “equality of man” are officially proclaimed, the mechanisms of privilege based on ethnicity, race and creed become more complex and more firmly entrenched. U.S. occupiers, be they soldier, contractor, preacher or teacher travel to Iraq and all over the world to perpetuate this system simply through their desire for privilege, their desire for what they feel is their “due.”  This imperialist structured social advantage fosters a cognitive disability in the occupier so that he ignores his acts of brutality, torture and abusiveness to the occupied.  


The rules of the imperialist game of cultural genocide are foundational to occupation and are designed primarily to transmit advantage and disadvantage across generations of the occupiers over the occupied.  Social control is maintained by the invader through domination in the economic, political and cultural arenas.  These men and their few select women will be chosen from groups which promote the illusion that positions of power come through merit and everyone will have a chance at becoming rich and powerful, like Obama!


The dehumanization that is promoted by the Judeo-Christian invasion of Muslim countries fosters a response in the invader and invaded that destroys that which is human, goo and kind within each actor.  In other words, all are taught to think that certain people, such as Arabs and Muslims, are less than human, so it’s necessary to kill the “hajjis” and steal their lands and oil and obliterate their culture.  


The sin of the Christian and Jew is their greed which causes invasion, occupation, state terrorism and cultural genocide.   If there is any true meaning of goodness and
love left in any Judeo-Christian tradition it must mean that those  who are descendents and members of invader countries, creeds and cultures refuse to exist in relations of
 domination, not as dominated nor as dominator and not as oppressed or oppressor.  Redemption and atonement for Christian and Jewish invaders and occupiers will only come in standing for and with the oppressed Arabs and Muslims through the end of war and occupation. The creation of ties to Arab and Muslim people, through a love of life for all
the people, their culture and their land, involves not hot-air Jesus balloons and Santas in the streets.  Salvation lies in solidarity with all Arabs, Muslims and people through-out the world without homes, without work, without papers and without their land who have little or nothing on which to survive. By standing with the oppressed to build a better world where the invader and invaded, occupier and occupied, master and slave no longer exist fosters the possibility to bring peace on earth and good will to all.

 Dr. June Terpstra is a graduate and former research fellow of Loyola University Chicago.




Reform, resistance and revolution

Dr. June Scorza Terpstra, Online Journal Contributing Writer

May 30, 2007, 00:18

I invite all allies to act now to stop the war and end imperialism. Many of us have been discussing and organizing online and offline for a long time.

When the second invasion of Iraq began I held educational meetings at my home and the homes of friends just to get the word out about the lies that are now exposed. Have any of these education efforts helped? Some have helped. The support for the war in this country is at an all-time low.

However, this makes no difference to the real power behind the governmental thrones -- the bankers, the oil mongers and the bomb makers and their media outlets. These guys and their subsidiary armies are making trillions in profits from their terror wars. Their subsidiaries include the prison and police industries here in the USA -- one of the biggest and few growth industries left in the country.

We must stop collaborating with the invader occupiers by denying the depth of the deceptions simultaneously sown by the government, media and academies. If we, the people kick the oppressor out over here the people of the Middle East could would kick the invader and collaborators out over there!

The educational site of struggle is primary. Some of us who have been studying may be wearying of the information about what is happening but repetition and mirroring are critical to the educational process. By telling the truths of the people’s oppression there and connecting these truths to the people’s oppression here, we become a people who resist the lies.

Many accuse me of preaching to the choir, yet the programming here in the USA is so intense that without hearing and being inspired and confirmed by realities of the war and against the lies is a daily site of struggle. We need the choir to inspire and remind us over and again that we are not insane and alone in our understanding of the world. In fact, where are those new resistance songs, arts and letters we need?

Liberals in general have recommended a polite or inviting education about the truth of imperialism to convince the American public that they should not support the war machine. They urge a more inviting educational style than my usual one. Yet, I would defend all educational styles including the "hit em over the head with the truth" style. I know the power of the "frontal attack" educational model and the impact it had on my own thinking and understanding of imperialism and oppression. What I’m saying here is that which offends and is viewed as so "extreme" may be just the thing that moves people. Of course, what people in the USA think is extreme may be that which the rest of the world already knows because they have been invaded and occupied by the imperialists for centuries. They know that the "lifestyle" of the USA and Europe is off the backs and lands of the people. At times the informative voice in the USA may sound extreme because the programming is so dense with lies.

This brings me to my topic of reform, resistance and revolution. Many people in the USA are involved in reform efforts and still believe the system can be fixed. Those who know me know I no longer believe in reform. I will support any and all effort towards fundamental change as long as those efforts are not sponsored by the CIA complex. A third political party that unites liberals and moderates on the issues would be the most practical solution now for reform efforts. The Democrats and Republicans are bought and paid for. A third party in the USA could emerge by using local organizing and the Internet to push a campaign forward. However, it will take more than tired ass old Ralph Nadar to be the front man. The Green Party is probably most viable in this regard. Yet, they too are walking the sell out line for power in Europe and the USA.

A resistance movement (both above and underground) in the USA is being built from the ground up as we have seen the recent ground swell of immigrants rising up in this country. Resistance is fertile and can happen in a heart beat. Resistance can also fall apart in a heartbeat. Organization must come from below at the local levels which are networked nationally to existing groups. There are organizations in the USA that are anti-imperialist and anti-fascist working to stop the war and end imperialism above ground in this country. Those interested in building a resistance underground must do that offline all the time. The Che and Chavez approach could work here with the people so as to claim this land is your land for the first time in solidarity across race with an emphasis on the poor, the working class and the declining middle class. Resistance will be effective when we are clear about our common goals, organization, and action plans as opposed to dictating ideology. By respecting each other’s ideologies and religions while agreeing on common goals and taking action, instead of holding endless meetings, the resistance could be fertile and grow! The time has definitely come today.

Presently, both in Iraq and in the USA revolutionary movements and revolutionaries must employ all means necessary as the evil greedy elite and their hand job governments and media will not stop their killing, torture and plunder as history shows. Although revolutionaries in the USA must support anti-imperialist resistance movements in Iraq and around the world, the emphasis must be here in the USA. If we can stop the war machine and imperialism here that will give folks around the world a stronger force of resistance there. But be advised, the people of the world will do it with or without the support of anti-imperialists in the USA. The people of those countries know better than anyone in the USA what they must do to kick out the invader-occupier and his collaborators. Revolutionary work is also above ground and underground, it is overt and covert, subversive and willing to work outside the box, including this Internet box. Clearly a networked solidarity on these efforts must be forth coming on all fronts.

The actual steps to organizing can be found in many places, from theoretical texts, manuals on guerilla and urban warfare to activist organizing models and anarchist action strategies. Start by organizing a small group in any of the above categories. Be clear in the aims and goals and with other groups with which to hook up for actions sponsored locally and nationally. Practice what you preach every day. Be smart, treat each other with dignity and respect but know that with all success comes infiltration so be mindful and watchful. Know and understand the risks so the consequences come as no surprise.

The major sites for reform, revolution and resistance are these: economic systems and institutions, the military and police techno-complex, the government, the media and arts, educational institutions, agri-businesses and food production sites, religious institutions and educational institutions. Many of us work in these systems, change takes action.

All of us can take more risks to speak out and educate ourselves and each other more rigorously. Many of us have people right in our families and work places who are ignorant. Give them the information in as many ways possible. The repetition and mirroring of conformity has worked us over to make us as stupid as we have been in the USA. We must employ real education to deprogram ourselves, our families and friends while simultaneously inspiring our communities and ending our isolation. Ending the war and ending imperialism is possible, the question is what will we actually do to make it happen?
Dr. June Scorza Terpstra is on the faculty of Northeastern Illinois University.

Fork in the Road

By Husayn Al-Kurdi and June Scorza Terpstra | 07.07.2005 15:39 | Analysis | London


News International & Liberation Central


Fork in the Road
By Husayn Al-Kurdi and June Scorza Terpstra

The media feeding frenzy will go on for days now. But, not to worry, the people in the trains and buses mean as little to the "Real Terrorists" as the people in Iraq, Kashmir and Palestine mean to the "civilized" elite of Empire and their G-8 party boy pedophiles playing golf and crashing their bikes into cops in Gleneagles this week. Everything they accuse "terrorists" of doing or wanting to do, they themselves actually DO on a global scale. For example, they killed over three million in their war on Vietnam, (1964-1975). US led activities in Central America produced at least another one million deaths (1971-1990). Closer to home, the bald eagle has a history of holocausting Black and Red people. Whites and Christians may also be dispensed with if massah so decrees it. The Christian Branch Dividian Group can testify to their readiness to use terrorism on "their own people." Mass murder and the removal of resisting undesirables are the principle means for attaining uncontested hegemony.

See the photos of those horrified people with blood and soot on their faces coming off the tubes and buses in London? They will put them in your face for a while. The injured and dead in London today will be used as the reason boys and girls of Empire should join the Imperial wars so they can be part of the latest episode in "The Empire Strikes Back". Ever wonder why you do not see Iraqi or Palestinian faces daily devastated, covered in blood and gore in the "civilized" corporate media from the "civilized" bombings and "civilized" gassings and "civilized" tortures in the invasions and occupations of Empire's "Coalition of the Willing"? "All for Empire" some of my students say with shit-eating grins that "whatever it takes" to keep the US “number one" is the "IT" that they want to "DO". The crisis for the children descended from Europe is this: there is always available the turn at the fork in the road which comes when some event calls the question. The question is: do the killers and destroyers of the world have a right to kill and destroy the world? When leftists, anarchists, progressives, liberals and others join the enemy chorus expressing horror at "terrorism" when it is directed against the "status quo", they are ratifying imperialist rationales directed towards world domination in the name of freedom and democracy.

Beware oh wretched of the earth, oh natives of lands with resources or strategic locations that the Empire covets. Those who actually resist the enemy, whatever their race, religion, or ideological background, are the ongoing and permanent target of the forces of the global fascist's not-so-New World Order. Better get ready. There's a train a-comin but check it for explosives first.

By Husayn Al-Kurdi and June Scorza Terpstra